Taking belts, bags and jewelry several steps beyond the ordinary is the special talent of Mandra Manett, designer and owner of Manett Designs. At her Cayucos based studio she produces unique one-of-a-kind, hand crafted fashion pieces which transform everyday apparel into the unique.

The 70s

Founded in 1976 as a fiber & enamel art studio, Manett Designs specialized in experimental copper enameling techniques. Glass fused with metal creates a bond that defies time. Using a kiln temperature above 1750°F the molten enamels flow together taking on a depth of color and complexity of light which can only be achieved with these high temperatures. Blending the resulting art pieces with fiber strands produced the first collection of neck wear. With continued creativity into new media the collection expanded to include leather ties with enamel beads & feathers, and Pollock inspired hand painted tennis shoes & belts.

The 80s

The 80s- brought in custom dyed chenille belts accented with high-fired enamel beads and sulptured fiber belts featuring natural elements such as agates, fluorite, amethyst slices, and artglass blended with exotic leathers, suedes and silken and metallic cords. Mandra’s pieces were available through high end upscale department retailers including Bullocks Wilshire, I Magnin, Bloomingdales NY and Sanger Harris in Texas. Her work has also been featured in many specialty catalogs including Spiegal, Bullocks Wilshire & Honey Bee.

The 90s

The growing popularity of the Patch belt, a gemstone specimen on a suede patch encrusted with studs enveloped in a fiber form, developed into the mainstay of the Manett line, which included a custom coordinated pallett for the Tienda Ho clothing lines. Meticulously hand crafted these one of a kind works of art evolved into collector pieces. A decade later private collections have sold for substancially more than their original price. This focus on belts soon expanded to include Baguettes (a small heavily jeweled suede bag), Body Jewelry and Pockets.

Just in time for the Millennium Mandra released her current line of "Pockets" that have taken priority. “Pockets” are elegant little suede bags for your eyeglasses or cellphone incorporating many of the same gemstone elements that have been so successful in the belt line. She feels they add a new relevance, a practical way to redefine your clothes.

25th Aniversary

The Anniversary Belt; a modern version of an old favorite and a new extension of a popular collectable. Due to on going requests Mandra celebrated Manett Designs' 25th year by creating a casual interpretation of the ever popular Patch belt. "The shape that loves your shape ... whatever it is! We've taken our most flattering flattening belt, with those versatile cords, and given it a new casual elegant look."
Mandra’s accessories for Manett Designs are now available exclusively on line.

38 year history

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